International Research Seminar

May 16-17, 2015, Warsaw

International Management Center, School of Management, University of Warsaw

Nowy Swiat 4, Warsaw, r. 201


The goal of the Seminar on "Local Heroes" is to encourage a shared perspective on key challenges in recognizing and studying outstanding companies in CEE region. Local heroes, hidden champions, or infant multinationals- as they are called- are a new breed of companies that will drive growth and innovation of countries from the CEE region . Therefore we invite strategy, IB, OB scholars to discuss the following research questions during the seminar:

  • What makes a company a local hero?
  • Do CSFs have an important impact on existence and performance of local heroes?
  • How are local heroes competing in their markets'
  • What types of competitive strategies do they follow?
  • How to develop the innovative research designs to study local heroes?

Venue. International Management Center, School of Management, University of Warsaw, Nowy Swiat 4, Warsaw, r. 201. The seminar will take start at 9.30 on Saturday May 16th and is planned for one day with the possrblity of Sunday morning session extension





Informal dinner on Friday evening· we are meeting at 20 at Mercure Grand Hotel lobby and walk to nearby restaurant (please confirm who would like to participate in order to secure the reservation).



9 30 Opening of the seminar and introduction of particpants: Krzysztof Obloj & Arnold Schuh

9.45 Introductory Presentations:

Local Heroes in CEE - ldentifyrng and comparing strategy types of successful domestic firms", Prof. Arnold Schuh, Director- Competence Center for Central and Eastern Europe, WU



Export excellence through performance lens - lessons from the qualitative and quantitative findings, Prof. Czak6 Erzsebet, Institute of Business Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Corvinus University of Budapest



Research on Polish local heroes - theoretical framework, methods and conclusions, Prof. Krzysztof Obloj, Faculty of Management, Universrty of Warsaw



11.30 Coffee break

11.20. DiscussiOn rn research groups

13.00 Lunch (will be provided on site)

13.45 Presentations and discussrons of the LH CEE project ideas: theones, qt..estions, methods

15. 00 Networking break

15.30 Discussion : Organizrng the LH CEE Project: what should be the outcome, how to share the results and create publrcatrons, how to deal with "newcomers" entering the group, what are the obligations of each participant, possible sources of funding and in which intervals will we meet again

18. 00 Concluding remarks


Dinner on your own - for logistical reasons (see below).

20.40 For international quests pick up at the Mercury Grand hotel by K Obloj and/or taxis to take you to the Lazienki Park for the concert at 21.15 (take warm cloth! It will be chrlly.)

For HCN (host country nationals J): Meeting in Lazienki Park in front of the Lazienki Palace at 21.05- 21.10 for the concert.

For a group of 5-7 we might have a gondola to cruise at the lake, if not we will listen to the concert from the shore of the lake. Both options are super.

As the workshop intends to build a network in this research area, participation is welcomed without paper contributions. For more details contact the organrzer of the seminar, Professor Krzysztof Obloj, School of Management, University of Warsaw, Szturmowa 1/3, Warsaw, Poland. Email: or

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