Fundacja na rzecz Wydziału Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego/
The Foundation for the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw
Szturmowa str. 1/3, 02-678 Warszawa

Foundation Registration Number: 0000124514
Registered at the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, Economic Division XVI, on May 23, 1991 Regon: 012380298, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 524-18-82-576

Entry into the register of training institutions – 2.14/00290/2012 341/12/PW dated September 27, 2012.

Foundation Board:
  • PhD Robert Pietrusiński
  • PhD Piotr Sokół
Foundation’s Goals:

The Foundation aims to:

  • support scientific and didactic development,
  • promote theoretical knowledge and practical achievements serving the statutory tasks,
  • enhance the professional qualifications of employees and students,
  • activate the scientific community to develop a knowledge system about the state and needs of management and the development of market institutions, including the integration of theory and practice in this field.

The Foundation achieves its goals through:

  • collaboration with academic, cultural, educational, state, social, and economic organizations in the country and abroad,
  • promoting creative and scientific achievements in the field of management, law, and economics, as well as inspiring scientific research in this area,
  • conducting economic activities in the country and abroad in accordance with the relevant legal regulations,
  • collecting financial and material resources for the development program of the Faculty of Management.

The Foundation’s activities contribute to:

  • supporting the scientific and didactic development of the Faculty of Management by financing educational equipment and invited lecturers,
  • promoting theoretical knowledge and practical achievements by organizing and financing symposiums, seminars, and scientific conferences for employees and students of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw.

The Foundation organizes and conducts conferences, specialized training, and scientific seminars, as well as supports publications. It collaborates with government organizations, local authorities, and entrepreneurs.

Study “Manager Contact Center”
Management Accounting Academy
Study Kot: zachowania prawidłowe i zaburzenia behawioralne
Study “Event Management”