Field: Business finance and accounting

Undergraduate Studies, part-time

General academic profile
Field: social sciences
Disciplines: management and quality sciences, economics and finance, legal sciences
Leading discipline: management and quality sciences.


  • Enterprise accounting
  • Banking and financial market institutions
  • Finance company
  • Taxes and public finances

Employment opportunities

A graduate of this field will be able to work, among others:

• financial sector enterprises (banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, investment fund companies),
• the private non-financial sector (e.g. enterprises of various scales of activity), both production and service,
• public sector institutions (e.g. government administration institutions and public sector institutions).

Potential job positions include: accountant, banking analyst, insurance analyst, market analyst, financial analyst, etc. A graduate of first-cycle studies performs less advanced work in these positions, requiring basic knowledge and skills (e.g. as an assistant to the chief accountant, junior clerk , junior specialist, etc.). In order to ensure professional advancement, he will have to develop his qualifications by taking courses, postgraduate studies or second-cycle studies.