University Authentication System

Coordinator for USOS
at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

MA Mirosław Guzik

Phone:   22 55 34 015


Office hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 12:00 am – 2:00 pm

Room C321

Student matters that can be checked or handled in USOS:

  1. Information regarding the study program
  2. Class schedules and syllabi
  3. Student ID number (needed, among other things, when communicating with the dean’s office)
  4. Token registration (allows registration for courses)
  5. Submission of applications and requests
  6. Enrollments, i.e., assigning subjects (known as enrollments – twice in the academic year) to the appropriate program (study direction) and stage (year of study)
  7. Necessary contacts (CATALOG)
  8. Grades, stage completions, application statuses, and responses to applications
  9. Organizational structure of the University of Warsaw
  10. Payments, exchanges, stage completions, rankings, diplomas, and documents circulation.

Go to the USOS platform

We invite you to watch the instructional video on logging into the USOS system.