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Starting from October 1, 2008, UW students with an Electronic Student ID (ELS) can create an account and enroll INDEPENDENTLY in the WZ Library and the BUW Library through remote account activation from the home page of the UW library online catalog.

Account activation is possible after authentication by entering the PESEL number and the password for USOSweb. This option applies primarily to first-year students and other years, provided they have NOT YET created an electronic account in the WZ Library or BUW.

An account is also considered to be an account without the right to borrow, created when issuing a one-day ticket to BUW. In such cases, when a student CANNOT enroll in the library independently through the website, the matter should be clarified in person at BUW.

Enrollment in the Library

Enrollment at BUW is done by (unless they could enroll independently through the UW Library online catalog):

  • Students of the Faculty of Management UW (on the same terms as other faculties).
  • Students of the European Center.
  • Students of Interfaculty East-Slavic Studies.
  • Students of Interfaculty Economic and Managerial Studies.

And also:

  • Employees of the Faculty of Management UW (on the same terms as other faculties).
  • Postgraduate and doctoral students of WZ UW.
  • Foreign students.


  1. Valid employee or student ID, listener’s card.
  2. Personal ID (passport for foreigners).
  3. Photo (routinely taken on-site at BUW, only for individuals without an electronic student ID).

Fee for issuing a BUW library card or its duplicate.

Fee schedule

Entitlement to use the FOM Library:

  1. Valid electronic student ID, for which an account is created in the WZ UW Library or BUW. Otherwise, such an account should be created based on the above ID.
  2. BUW library card.

Individuals enrolled in BUW are requested to bring the library card issued by that library.


Account servicing is available only for users registered in the UW library computer system. After entering the card number (library or electronic student ID) and password correctly, you can obtain information about:

  • Account validity period and the number of borrowed books.
  • Current loans (loan periods, returns, and extensions).
  • Debts for overdue books.
  • Placed orders and reservations.
  • Users can also independently extend book loans – only individuals with a valid library account.

NOTE: Email notifications about approaching book return deadlines are an additional convenience introduced relatively recently by BUW, NOT an OBLIGATION. As the email server that sends them can be unreliable, readers should either note the book return deadline when borrowing them or check in person during their presence in the library, or do so by phone or through the BUW website.

Reader’s account


Borrowing books (marked exclusively with a signature starting with the letter “Z”) is done based on a valid electronic student ID or library card.

Books with a signature starting with the letter “A” are available ONLY ON SITE in the BWZ Reading Room for students.

We lend:

  • Up to 10 volumes for 180 days – to academic staff and doctoral students of the Faculty of Management UW.
  • Up to 5 volumes for 30 days – to other employees of WZ.
  • Up to 2 volumes for 30 days – to other UW employees, professors, and habilitated doctors of the Polish Academy of Sciences, other higher education institutions, and scientific institutions with a reader’s account at BUW.
  • Up to 7 volumes for 90 days – to part-time students of the Faculty of Management UW, participants in postgraduate studies, master’s students, and those studying in two disciplines.
  • Up to 5 volumes for 30 days – to full-time and evening students of the Faculty of Management UW.
  • Up to 2 volumes for 30 days – to other students.
  • Up to 5 volumes for 30 days – to libraries of organizational units of UW.
  • Up to 2 volumes for 30 days – to other libraries.

Order fulfillment in the Warehouse

Always takes place at the full hour (to which you should add a dozen or so minutes to find the books on the shelves). The last descent to the Warehouse always takes place an hour before the library closes.

Books can be extended twice for 14 days each time, provided that:

  1. Another reader has not placed a reservation on them.
  2. Our library account is valid.


Failure to meet the return deadline results in:

  • Suspension of library use rights (account blocking) until obligations to the WZ Library and BUW are settled;
  • A monetary penalty for keeping borrowed materials, as specified in the fee schedule. More


Providing access to library resources on-site in the Reading Room is based on a valid electronic student ID, library card, or other proof of identity. Each reader is required to deposit one of the documents with the librarian.

Available on-site:

  • Books with signatures starting with the letter “A” (arranged on the shelves by numbering).
  • Books with signatures starting with other letters of the alphabet (except for “A” and “Z”), also forming their lists such as “KKP,” “HD,” etc. (located separately and arranged DEPARTMENTALLY and THEMATICALLY according to the rules of the Library of Congress USA Classification).
  • Magazines.
  • Materials from the hand library.
  • Special collections: doctoral theses.

Access to collections is free, which means that users can choose books and magazines independently. Library materials stored in warehouses and in the hand library must be ordered from the librarian. Used books and magazines are placed on blue, metal carts, set up by the library pillars.

Master’s theses (marked with a signature starting with the letter “M”) and doctoral theses (with signatures starting with the letter “D”) are made available exclusively for research and teaching purposes. These materials can only be used in the Reading Room, in the place indicated by the librarian and after completing the required formalities. In the case of master’s theses, it is required to provide permission from the WZ promoter to use such sources. Reproduction and publication of these materials are not allowed.


Catalogs are the fundamental source of information about the collections. The resources of the WZ Library can be browsed in the UW Libraries online catalog and the available traditional card catalogs.

1. UW Libraries Online Catalog

It contains information about the BUW and departmental library collections, as well as the availability of individual copies of books. The WZ Library has entered catalog descriptions of books acquired after 1989 into the database. The catalog is regularly updated and selectively supplemented, offering many search options with varying degrees of sophistication:

  • Browsing: Allows for quick browsing of individual indexes (e.g., title, author, KABA subject heading).
  • Simple and Complex Searching: Allows the formulation of a general or detailed search expression using appropriately constructed forms.
  • Advanced Searching: Enables the formulation of a search expression with a high degree of specificity using field operators and connectors.

2. Card Catalogs contain catalog descriptions of the entire FOM Library collection (however, they are not available electronically):

    • Alphabetical catalog of books (by author surnames, and in the case of more than 3 authors – by titles).
    • Alphabetical catalog of periodicals and series.
    • Alphabetical catalog of doctoral theses.
    • Alphabetical catalog of master’s theses by authors.
    • Alphabetical catalog of master’s theses by supervisors.

3. Other useful catalogs and bibliographic databases

The catalogs and databases of the National Library◄  include information about collections such as Polish and foreign books, Polish and foreign periodicals, conspiracy memorabilia, documents of social life, musical documents, sound recordings, audiovisual, and electronic materials gathered in the National Library. It also encompasses national bibliography, including descriptions of books (Polish Book Bibliographies), periodicals (Polish Periodical Bibliographies), and articles (Polish Periodical Article Bibliographies).

  NUKAT (National Union Catalog) ◄ includes information about collections from 81 Polish academic and research libraries.

  KaRo (Distributed Catalog of Polish Libraries) ◄ it is a multi-search engine that searches electronic catalogs, including national (National Library, NUKAT), university, technical university, and other higher education institution catalogs, public library catalogs, and research institute catalogs.

4. Access to E-resources

All electronic resources purchased by the University of Warsaw Library (abstract databases, full-text journals) are accessible from any library computer. Employees and students of the University of Warsaw can also use full texts while working outside the network. This service is available only to holders of reader accounts, as it requires user authentication.

The e-collections


  • Internet use in the WZ Library is allowed only for scientific, didactic, and educational purposes.
  • The right to use all electronic resources is granted to employees and students of the Faculty of Management.
  • Other individuals may use remote resources of external, distributed, unlicensed information.
  • A 30-minute time limit applies when there is a waiting queue.
  • Users can use their own laptops.


The WZ Library offers the following forms of copying materials:

  • Scans: On scanners at computer workstations numbered 5 and 7.
  • Computer printouts:
    • Monochrome (labeled with number 2430) in A4 format, single- or double-sided.
    • Color (labeled with number 451) in A4 format, single-sided.

Costs of cards and printouts are according to the fee schedule.

Note: Reproductions made are for personal use only (Journal of Laws No. 80, item 904 of 2000, as amended).


Before placing an interlibrary loan order, ensure that the desired item is not available in the WZ Library collections. If the WZ Library does not have the materials you are looking for, consider checking other Warsaw scientific libraries. If your search is unsuccessful, you can search online catalogs of other libraries or ask a librarian to locate the materials.


Upon the reader’s request, books can be obtained from other national libraries, provided that they are not available in the collections of the Library of the Faculty of Management (Biblioteka WZ) or other Warsaw libraries. Materials borrowed by the Library are made available to readers exclusively on-site in the Reading Room. The costs of national interlibrary loans are determined by the library fulfilling the order (in accordance with its price list), and the requester covers the costs (this also applies to materials that have not been used). The materials are borrowed for a period determined by the lending library, and an extension of the return period can only be made with their consent. Interlibrary loans from abroad are managed by the University of Warsaw Library (BUW). The library lends its own collections to other national branch libraries for a period of 30 days.

The following materials are not subject to interlibrary loans:

  • works in the public domain;
  • works included in the reference collection;
  • works essential to the teaching process;
  • master’s and doctoral theses;
  • newspapers and periodicals;
  • items in poor condition.

The costs of sending ordered materials by mail are covered by the FOM Library. The costs of return shipping are covered by the ordering party.


The FOM Library issues two types of certificates for students:

  • a certificate stating that they do not have any overdue books on their account, which is necessary for extending their student ID for another semester. In this case, a student may have books on their account, but they must not be overdue beyond the established deadline. If books are overdue in the WZ Library or BUW, they must first return them and pay the fine to receive this type of certificate. Return WZ Library books to the WZ Library and BUW books to BUW. The same goes for the fine.
  • a certificate that they have no obligations to the library, which is needed in case of graduation and settlement with the Dean’s Office (an electronic certificate, the so-called “e-circulation”).


Library card price (BUW fee schedule): 20,00 PLN
Duplicate library card price (BUW fee schedule): 20,00 PLN
Fee for each day of overdue for one book: 0,40 PLN
Black and white printout, one-sided, A4: 0,25 PLN
Color printout, one-sided, A4: 1,20 PLN

Full price list of fees

Your materials in digital format 

Our new service “Your materials in digital format” is aimed at employees of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw.

Within this service, we will transfer all the materials you need from paper to digital versions.

Account creation or library card exchange

The creation of reader accounts and the exchange of documents entitling you to use the UW libraries from BUW library cards to Electronic Employee ID Cards are carried out EXCLUSIVELY by BUW.

Retaining books from the Library of the Faculty of Management

We would like to remind you that for retaining books beyond the specified return date, the computer system automatically calculates fines. Their amount is in accordance with the applicable ► Price List for services provided by the Library of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. In justified cases, you can request the cancellation of fines, which is granted only with the written consent of the Dean of the Faculty of Management. Please check the status of your library account: return books on time or extend the return period.

We also remind you that it is the obligation of every employee leaving the Faculty of Management to settle their account with the Library of the Faculty of Management and BUW.

Your book in our collections 

We sincerely thank the donors who have contributed books to the Library of the Faculty of Management:

  • dr. Williamowi C. Auden
  • Marcie Bębnowicz
  • prof. dr hab. Krystynie Boleście-Kukułce
  • mgr Alicji Brand
  • dr Agnieszce Brzozowskiej
  • prof. zw. dr. hab. Witoldowi Chmielarzowi
  • doc. dr. Krzysztofowi Cybulskiemu
  • dr. inż. Przemysławowi Dublowi
  • doc. dr Hannie Fołtyn
  • dr hab., prof. UW Beacie Glince
  • dr. Jakubowi Górce
  • dr Suzane C. de Janasz
  • prof. Andrzejowi Kaźmierczakowi
  • mgr Bartoszowi Komorowskiemu
  • prof. dr. hab. Wiesławowi Kowalczewskiemu
  • dr. Marcinowi Krajewskiemu
  • prof. zw. dr hab. Monice Kosterze
  • prof. dr hab. Ewie Latoszek
  • dr Marcie Marszałek
  • prof. dr. Manfredowi Jürgenowi Matschke
  • prof. zw. dr. hab. Wojciechowi Muszalskiemu
  • prof. zw. dr. hab. Alojzemu Z. Nowakowi
  • dr. Tomaszowi Ochinowskiemu
  • dr. Tomaszowi Parysowi
  • dr. hab., prof. UW Andrzejowi Patulskiemu
  • dr Annie Pawłowskiej


  • prof. zw. dr. hab. Kazimierzowi Ryciowi
  • dr. hab., prof. UW Tadeuszowi Skocznemu
  • dr Wiolettcie Skrodzkiej
  • doc. dr Zofii Skrzypczak
  • dr. inż. Sewerynowi Spałkowi
  • dr Marzenie Starnawskiej
  • dr Agnieszce Strzeleckiej
  • dr Anicie Szyguła
  • dr. Grzegorzowi Tchorkowi
  • dr. hab. Krzysztofowi Walczakowi
  • prof. zw. dr. hab. Andrzejowi Wiatrakowi
  • dr Marioli Zalewskiej
  • prof. dr. hab. Marianowi Żukowskiemu
  • prof. zw. dr. hab. Jerzemu Żyżyńskiemu


and to all other donors.


Documents required to register

Cennik usług świadczonych w Bibliotece WZ UW

Regulations for the Use of the University of Warsaw Library

The rules for accessing BUW special collections

Zasady udostepniania prac dyplomowych

Zgoda na korzystanie z prac dyplomowych

Rules of use computers in UWL

Zarządzenie nr 2/2016 Dziekana WZ UW z dn. 19.05. 2016 w sprawie dochodzenia należności z tyt. nieterminowego zwrotu książek do Biblioteki WZ

Regulations for Accesing BUW Collections

Obwieszczenie nr 17 Rektora Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


Library Catalogue

LIBRARY Catalogue 

Payments to the account - penalties for books

We only deposit fines for books borrowed from the Library of the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw to the account:

Bank Millenium SA Bankowy Punkt Rozliczeń Nr 5 Uniwersytet Warszawski

11 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 8803

In the payment title, please enter: bibl.fee, library card number, last name and first name


Bibl. fee 01234567890 Smith John

To expedite the procedure of debiting the fine from the account, please send the confirmation of the transfer to the email address biblioteka@wz.uw.edu.pl.

"Puls Biznesu" - printed version for the community of FOM UW

As part of the cooperation between the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, and ‘Puls Biznesu,‘ free copies of ‘Puls Biznesu’ in print are now available on the premises of the Faculty.

Newspaper stands can be found on the ground floor in buildings B and C. ‘Puls Biznesu’ will be delivered every weekday from Monday to Friday.

We also remind you of the possibility of a free e-subscription to ‘Puls Biznesu’ for the Faculty of Management community, accessible through the link.

Users of the University of Warsaw are reminded

  • Regarding the possibility of using electronic resources available from the UW (University of Warsaw) website via BUW (University of Warsaw Library):
  • To browse these resources, an active reader account in the library system managed by BUW is required. Students, doctoral candidates, and employees of UW who do not yet have accounts in the joint catalog of UW libraries have the option to activate them (https://www.buw.uw.edu.pl/informacje-praktyczne/jak-korzystac/zapisy/).
  • Print versions of library materials are provided by BUW and UW faculty libraries. Please verify the opening hours and borrowing options at your specific library of interest.

E-Reading / Resources 


The SDE.WZ.UW internet service was created to disseminate knowledge by providing access to freely available electronic documents and contributing to the knowledge base by all interested parties. It encompasses scientific disciplines practiced at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw, as well as related fields.

SDE.WZ.UW is co-financed by the funds of the Regional Operational Program of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship 2014-2020 as part of the project “e-UW – development of e-services of the University of Warsaw related to education” ►link (implementation in the years 2016-2019).

General rules for using the SDE.WZ.UW Service:

  • On which devices does the application work?
    • To use the system, all you need is a web browser and internet access.
  • How to log in?
    • UW employees or students log in through the “Log in via the USOS system” option. The system is integrated with the central authentication system (CAS) and the study support system (USOS).
  • How to borrow a document?
    • On the document page, under the thumbnail of the first page of the text, you will find the “READ” button if the document owner has granted you access or to the group to which you belong.
  • How to access a document that has not been made available?
    • Logged-in readers have the option to submit a request for access to the document from the document page. More information ►link
  • Full regulations of the SDE.WZ.UW service:

Contact: sde@wz.uw.edu.pl



Zgoda na korzystanie z prac dyplomowych w Bibliotece WZ UW

Regulamin udostępniania prac dyplomowych

Zasady udostępniania prac dyplomowych

Oświadczenie o afiliacji publikacji

Udostępnienie kopii cyfrowej książki/artykułu w bazie SDE.WZ.UW