Recruitment via the IRK website – starts on June 6, 2023.

  • Head of studies:

dr hab. Elwira Gross-GoĊ‚acka, prof. UW

  • Contact:

The Faculty of Management
Warsaw University
ul. Szturmowa 1/3
02-678 Warszawa

tel. 22/ 55 34 181, 22/ 55 34 032
room C108

  • Duration of postgraduate studies

two semesters, academic year

Tuition fees in the 2023/2024 academic year will range from PLN 7000 to PLN 7600.

  • Start date of studies

October 2023

  • Deadline for submitting documents

Paper documents will be accepted at the Dean’s Office of Postgraduate Studies (room C108) or by registered mail to the following address:

Faculty of Management
University of Warsaw
street Szturmowa 1/3
02-678 Warsaw
with the note “postgraduate studies”.