The Promotion Office of the Management Faculty at the University of Warsaw works towards building a positive brand image for the Faculty, aiming to enhance its prestige and appeal to students. We are a team of enthusiasts who find working in brand promotion both immensely enjoyable and tremendously challenging.

Promoting our university happens through various channels such as social media, advertisements, informational campaigns, educational fairs, Open Days, and more. Communicating with a young audience raised in the world of new technologies requires our team to often think unconventionally and seek creative solutions. Hence, our Section welcomes experienced individuals as well as very young ones to collaborate, as we value diverse perspectives and fresh ideas.

The tasks of the Promotion Office include, in particular:

  • implementing the Faculty’s promotion strategy – designing, executing, and coordinating promotional activities aimed at potential students of our Faculty.
  • preparation of all informational and promotional materials and presentations for the University.
  • carrying out advertising campaigns – both brand-focused and related to recruitment, as well as those concerning postgraduate study offers.
  • organizing departmental events and ceremonies, including initiatives that promote the Management Faculty.
  • organizing meetings with influential and business communities to support the Faculty, including collaborating with various associations.
  • coordinating the advertising activities of external entities within the Faculty’s premises, managing advertising space, and supervising the progress of promotional campaigns by these organizations.
  • providing organizational and technical support to units engaged in international promotion efforts.

We manage departmental profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn.

We regularly update our website, posting all materials related to the academic and research activities of our Faculty, as well as information regarding collaborations with other units.

We invite you to cooperate!