Welcome to the service dedicated to the Alumni of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. We will be posting information here about events that may be relevant to the Alumni (Alumni debates, training sessions, postgraduate studies, etc.), as well as details related to the functioning of the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association was established for individuals who have graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. We want them to continue their journey with the University by sharing their professional experiences. Additionally, we aim to actively support them in further development by organizing joint events.

Together with the Entrepreneurship Center, we aim to build a bridge between academia and business, thereby supporting the exchange of experiences, observations, and perspectives on the future development of management sciences.

We invite all alumni to collaborate and participate in this initiative!

The membership application form for the Association and all necessary information can be found on the website www.absolwencizarzadzania.pl

We invite you to register!

We look forward to your participation!