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Thoughtfully chosen range of topics, practical for managers on a daily basis, helped me systematize my practical knowledge. The course curriculum is interesting and developmental. An additional advantage is the organization and order throughout the entire course of studies. In my opinion, it is a very good investment in personal development.

Emilia Aksan-Kruczek
Senior Product Manager at Polpharma Biuro Handlowe
For the past year, I had the incredible pleasure of participating in Postgraduate Management Studies in the ‘Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products’ program. There are several universities offering similar study topics, but after reviewing the program of this course at the University of Warsaw, I knew it was the right choice! And that’s why I decided on UW.
Then it just got better 😊 I don’t know where to start… Maybe with the Faculty… Qualified, helpful, warm people. Practitioners, but also individuals who know how to convey their knowledge. Dr. Monika Skorek, who was the supervisor of our year, also made every effort to make this year the best. She diligently recorded all our comments and praises so that this course could be improved year by year! Together with Dr. Agnieszka Wilczak and Mr. Krzysztof Podstak, they provided valuable advice on creating our first marketing plans. Dr. hab. Mariusz Trojanowski took care of the correctness of our expressions, the art of presentation, and negotiation skills. And of course, the irreplaceable Dr. hab. Józef Haczyński, thanks to whom even pharmacology turned out to be approachable 😊
Of course, huge thanks are also due to the rest of the staff, who showed great patience 😊 Another extremely important matter is the people I met here! Thanks to them, those Saturday and Sunday meetings were so special! In many cases, these will be acquaintances for years to come! The time spent with you in class was very productive… and also after class 😊
If you have no idea how to improve your professional qualifications or are simply looking for guidance on your career path, I highly recommend choosing UW!! Thank you for everything, and see you in the next postgraduate studies 😊
Agata Rogowska
Ambassador and VIP Graduate of Postgraduate Management Studies for Creators, Artists, and Culture Animators at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, world-renowned opera singer, founder and President of the StartSmart Foundation”, cultural juror, and manager.

“I highly recommend these studies!

Dr. Alicja Węgorzewska Whiskerd
I completed the Pharmaceutical Products Marketing program in 2015. In my opinion, these studies are an excellent solution for anyone planning to develop their professional career in the pharmaceutical industry. Without hesitation, I can add that participating in the program allowed me to broaden my marketing perspective, take a wider view of the pharmaceutical market, and contributed to my professional development. In hindsight, I appreciate that the studies gave me a unique opportunity to draw from the knowledge and experience of the instructors – experts in their field – both academic staff from the Faculty of Management and practitioners in the pharmaceutical industry. In my study group, there were people from different areas of the pharmaceutical industry: employees of small and large pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, pharmacy graduates, pharmacy managers, representatives of research environments, and also representatives of the Ministry of Health. I was very fortunate to meet people interested in their development and willing to share their knowledge and experience. The connections I made are still valuable to me today.

Kamil Otrocki
Sensational, modern, innovative – especially necessary in the artistic environment, given the ongoing process of cultural impoverishment, the impoverishment of national heritage, among other things, due to a lack of understanding of their value… Graduates of the aforementioned studies have a tremendous opportunity to fill the deepening gap between cultural creators and potential audiences. Graduates of these studies gain essential tools to effectively manage cultural institutions, as well as foundations, associations, and commercial law companies. These studies significantly broaden horizons in the context of revitalization and cultural management possibilities.

Paweł Lipnicki – artist, actor, creator, and business trainer
I participated in the first edition of postgraduate studies in Pharmaceutical Product Marketing. Excellent grounding and systematization of general knowledge about medical and pharmaceutical products – from A to Z. Great lecturers, an interesting program, and many practical examples that have proven useful in everyday work.

Marcin Czuż from Warsaw Stryker Corporation, Lecturer
These studies are a passport to a new world for me! Incredibly inspiring! Definitely enlightening! Also prompting answers to key questions: why do I want to do this? And how do I want to do this? Of course, I mean management in the broad sense of culture. The organizational aspects of the studies are great. Here’s my big bow to you. It’s a great pleasure and ease of studying, for which I am very grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in these classes and for the contact with so many fantastic people and for all these unforeseen meetings and conversations that sprout and finally turn into trees.

Marta A. Zygadło – actress, culture animator, producer
Postgraduate Managerial Studies for creators, artists, and culture animators – this is an excellent and much-needed educational formula for artists. We are grateful that Ms. Maria Kujcys-Sołobodowska – the originator of this course – helped us enrich our knowledge with such wonderful lectures, which we will undoubtedly use in practice. The classes were conducted in an excellent, clear manner. Participation in the classes was a great intellectual pleasure (there was also no shortage of wonderful breaks when we asked for practical examples from specific fields). Special appreciation for the care, help, care, heart, and tremendous commitment to the Coordinator and all lecturers. Thanks also to those I had the pleasure of meeting during this special year of learning. With the highest respect and recognition.

Jolanta Markuszewska – artist, culture manager, former spokesperson for the Mayor of Łódź
Postgraduate Studies in Art Market Management is a program that broadens horizons and provides substantial knowledge that is not available in various publications. Meetings with very interesting people who have been active in the art market for years and really know their stuff. 🙂

Camille Jedrzejewska
I am glad that I could return to the university walls as a postgraduate student. The Human Resource Management program I chose allowed me to deepen my knowledge in the field in which I work and want to develop. These were interesting and actively spent weekends, full of conversations with scientists and business practitioners. I will miss it.

Adrianna Filipiak
“Project Management – Very interesting and practical studies that I sincerely recommend. Top-class lecturers – practitioners in their fields. Interesting classes, reasonable deadlines, and a fantastic atmosphere. But I wasn’t surprised – after all, the University of Warsaw is the best university in Poland ;)”

Jarosław Rybusiński
To say “thank you very much” is like saying not much at all… Very, Beautifully, Heartily, Immensely THANK YOU for the opportunities, knowledge, and learning in many substantive and non-substantive areas. The interdisciplinary, diverse, and multifaceted nature of the course will remain in memory for a long time, and the knowledge? It is already being implemented Every day!

Sylwia Kisielińska