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We cultivate managerial skills and competencies in art market management. We assist in acquiring new qualifications and expanding practical skills for investment advisors, museum employees, gallery curators, auction house professionals, antique dealers, private collection curators, and those interested in investing in art.

Our professional team of practitioners and faculty from the University of Warsaw acquaints participants with current issues in management, negotiations, and legal aspects encompassing copyright, tax laws, and insurance. Participants delve into various aspects of the contemporary art market and explore selected aspects of art trading. We teach how to practically leverage financing tools and efficiently utilize strategies and marketing instruments in cultural contexts.

Upon completion, participants receive a postgraduate diploma, a testament to robust knowledge, providing a competitive edge in the job market.

The latest informational brochure on the course is available here.

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Employment opportunities 

Our graduates gain knowledge in managing auction houses, galleries, antique shops, organizing exhibitions, and navigating the Polish antique market or international art fairs across various art domains.

Tuition Fees 

Tuition Fees for the academic year 2024/25:

  • Single payment for the entire program – 7,900 PLN
  • Payment in two installments: 4,200 PLN per semester x 2
  • Possible installment payment over eight installments (details available)

Information for individuals whose fees are covered by their employer:

  • Invoices will only be issued after payment.
  • As per the signed agreement, after receiving payment for the studies, the University will issue an invoice in the name of the Participant, indicating the Employer as the payer.
  • Account number for payments made by the employer is available in the tripartite agreement.
  • For individual payments: an individual account number is generated after the student’s enrollment in the University Study Service System (USOS).


Program - RDS


Recruitment via the IRK website – starts on June 5, 2024.

  • Duration of postgraduate studies

two semesters, academic year

  • Start date of studies

October 2024

  • Submission of documents:

Hardcopy documents will be accepted at the postgraduate studies dean’s office (room C108) or by registered mail to the address:

Faculty of Management University of Warsaw
Szturmowa 1/3
02-678 Warsaw
with the note “postgraduate studies”.

Class schedule 

Timetable - RDS - Winter semester 2023/2024