The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw offers many interesting scientific circles that allow students to develop their interests and acquire additional skills.

Engagement in a scientific circle brings many benefits. The skills and experience gained there can prove invaluable in your further development. Additionally, an extensive network of contacts can open many doors for you in your future professional life. It’s worth thinking about membership in scientific circles as an investment in the future and getting involved today.

Here are a few of them:

  • Core – Business Psychology Scientific Circle at FoM UW– This circle has been active since January 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Anna Kuźmińska. The circle organizes webinars on the topic of business psychology, prepares for research, and works on establishing cooperation with circles from other faculties.
  • Scientific Circle of Modern Banking “FINTECH” – This circle has been active since October 2020 and is under the supervision of Dr. hab. Jakub Górka. The circle’s goal is primarily the scientific development of its members through conducting research and creating publications. Future plans include organizing an Oxford-style debate with invited guests, lectures, and meetings with experts in the field of new financial technologies.
  • Scientific Circle of Sustainable Development – This circle has been active since January 2020 under the supervision of Dr. hab. Elwira Gross-Gołacka. The main goal of the circle is to shape active attitudes among students and build a future in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The circle encourages expanding knowledge in the field of sustainable development and actively using it not only in work but especially in everyday life. Future plans include organizing webinars and pro SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) initiatives online.
  • Student Scientific Circle of Finance at the University of Warsaw (SKNF UW) – This is the oldest circle at the Faculty of Management UW, operating since 1996 under the care of Dr. Waldemar Kozioł. SKNF UW is the largest circle on finance at the University of Warsaw. The circle’s activities are based on the implementation of projects, some of which are successive editions of well-known initiatives, while others are created in response to the expectations of the academic community. The circle encourages its members to take part in training on financial and business issues, scientific conferences, integrative-entertainment events, as well as competitions. The circle encourages its members to approach new challenges creatively, be open to experiences, and helps in personal development. Currently, the circle is working on new events, two of which have already taken place: “Conscious connection of fashion and business. Building a fashion business” and “Banking in a world of zero interest rates.