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Field: Financial Management and Accounting
Undergraduate Studies, part-time evening

General Academic Profile
Field: Social Sciences
Disciplines: Management and Quality Sciences, Economics and Finance, Legal Sciences
Leading Discipline: Management and Quality Sciences

Program Goals:

The first-degree studies in Finance and Accounting Management aim to educate graduates familiar with the research methodology and terminology in the field of management and quality sciences, as well as in complementary disciplines such as economics and finance, legal sciences. The program specifically focuses on finance and accounting management. The program’s objectives include imparting knowledge about the basic principles of creating and developing various forms of entrepreneurship and preparing graduates to act entrepreneurially. The studies aim to educate graduates with the skills and competencies to identify, diagnose, and solve problems related to financial decisions in organizations, as well as in managing institutions and determining the impact of the technological, social, political, legal, economic, and ecological environment on financial decisions, the functioning of organizations, and the entire economy. The program aims to develop graduates with the ability to independently and collaboratively prepare documents related to financial management in organizations, accounting, management of financial institutions, and strategies of financial institutions, and to present them communicatively in both Polish and English. The studies prepare students for self-learning and updating knowledge and for adhering to professional ethical standards.

Graduate Profile:

In terms of knowledge:

  • understands theories and practices related to finance and accounting management and their place in the system of social sciences, with subject-specific and methodological connections to scientific disciplines. Perceives finance and accounting management as an interdisciplinary science.
  • familiar with and understands the terminology and research methodology in the field of finance and accounting management and complementary disciplines (management, economics, legal sciences).
  • has knowledge of the principles, procedures, and practices related to the financial activities of various types of organizations.
  • knows theories and practices used to recognize, diagnose, and solve problems related to financial management in organizations, accounting, management of financial institutions, and strategies of financial institutions.
  • has knowledge of the functioning of organizations, their various types, goals, structures, operations (functions, activities), cultures, and relationships with the environment.
  • understands legal regulations, economic theories, and models related to the functioning of organizations and the entire economy.
  • knows techniques for analyzing the impact of the external environment on financial decisions in organizations, the functioning of organizations, and the entire economy.
  • knows methods and tools, including techniques for acquiring, analyzing, and protecting data (information) needed to make financial decisions in organizations.
  • understands basic concepts and principles in the field of industrial property protection and copyright law and the need to manage intellectual property resources.
  • has knowledge of the basic principles of creating and developing various forms of entrepreneurship.

In terms of skills:

  • can correctly interpret social, political, legal, economic, technological phenomena and their impact on financial decisions, the functioning of organizations, and the entire economy.
  • analyzes proposed solutions to specific financial problems related to the functioning of enterprises and proposes appropriate solutions in this regard.
  • can independently analyze real decision-making situations and make the right decision.
  • can assess the market, financial, and social effects of decisions and initiatives and present their substantive justification.
  • can independently and collaboratively prepare analyses, diagnoses, and reports on finances, accounting, the functioning of organizations, the sector, and the entire economy.
  • can use information and communication technology tools in their work.
  • has the ability to make oral presentations and written works using basic theoretical approaches and various sources in Polish and English.
  • proficient in a foreign language at the B2 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages and can use specialized terminology in the field of management.
  • has the ability to cooperate and work in larger or smaller groups, assuming various roles in teams, demonstrating leadership, communicativeness, conscientiousness, and perseverance.
  • understands the need to supplement and improve acquired knowledge and skills, including in second-cycle studies.
  • possesses basic research skills, such as formulating research problems, selecting research methods and tools, and the ability to develop and present results in the field of management sciences.

In terms of social competencies:

  • can make critical assessments related to finance management in organizations, accounting, management of financial institutions, and strategies of financial institutions.
  • can think and act entrepreneurially.
  • demonstrates sensitivity to ethical and social issues and cultural differences.


Study Mode: Part-time (evening classes)
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

  • Online Registration and Submission of Recruitment Fee: August 17 to September 11, 2023
  • Click on this link to register for studies!
  • Submission of documents after the publication of the list of qualified persons:
    – 1st term: September 25-26, 2023
    – 2nd term (in case the limit is not filled in the first term): September 27-28, 2023

    FROM JUNE 6, 2023, TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2023
    OPENING HOURS 09:00-14:00
    Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw
    ul. Szturmowa 1/3, 02-678 Warsaw, Building C, ground floor
    tel. 022/ 55 34 100
    e-mail: rekrutacja@wz.uw.edu.p

Documents required from candidates qualified for non-stationary (evening) bachelor’s studies:

  • Original or authenticated copy of the maturity certificate or maturity certificate and the results of the matriculation examination (for candidates who obtained a maturity certificate before 2005) or IB diploma or EB diploma or maturity certificate obtained abroad, for the purpose of making a copy and certifying its conformity with the original or authenticated copy.
  • Personal questionnaire containing the candidate’s photo, printed from the personal registration account in the IRK system, and signed by the candidate.
  • Declaration of familiarization with the content of the model contract for the payment of fees for educational services at the University of Warsaw.
  • Application for the issuance of the Electronic Student ID (ELS) printed after the candidate has uploaded their photo in electronic format to their personal registration account – for candidates without ELS.
  • Proof of payment for ELS (PLN 22) – for candidates without ELS (account number for payment).
  • Declaration of payment for studies.
  • In the case of submitting documents on behalf of the candidate by third parties, an authorization (personal) must be presented for the person submitting the documents (authorization form).
    NOTE! The document does not authorize to sign on behalf of the candidate. Documents printed from the personal registration account in IRK must be signed by the candidate.

Additional Requirements for Foreigners:

  • Confirmation of the legalization of stay for foreigners residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • Document confirming the right to undertake studies free of charge (more information on this subject).
  • UW-recognized document confirming proficiency in the Polish language – for studies conducted in Polish (more information on this subject).

Additional Requirements for Candidates with a High School Diploma Issued Abroad:

  • Attestation of the high school diploma in the form of legalization or apostille (more information on this subject).
  • Sworn translation into Polish of the high school diploma, legalization, or apostille (if issued in a foreign language) or – in the case of translation abroad other than sworn – translation legalized at a Polish diplomatic mission (more information on this subject).
  • Certificate confirming possession of secondary education entitling to undertake higher education studies in Poland, in case the high school diploma is not subject to recognition by law or based on international agreements, as a document entitling to undertake higher education studies in Poland (issued by the relevant Education Curator) (more information on this subject).

Online recruitment 

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