We invite you to the conference, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 17–20 September, 2023. The mission of the FedCSIS Conference Series is to provide a presentation, discussion and a reputable publication forum in computer science and intelligence systems. The forum invites researchers and practitioners from around the world to contribute their research results focused on their scientific and professional interests in a chosen conference track. The FedCSIS conference consists of Tracks announced in the main conference-wide Call for Papers. Papers submitted to Tracks are managed by Track Chair(s) and Program Chair(s). Tracks can contain satellite Technical Sessions, solicited in Calls for Technical Sessions and governed by their own Program Committees. Technical Sessions are announced in their own Calls for TS Papers and are assisted by the FedCSIS Chairs in reaching out to the FedCSIS community. Technical Sessions are focused events (symposia, workshops, seminars, etc.) reflecting the joint interests of research or professional communities proposing the sessions.

FedCSIS 2023 Challenge: Cybersecurity Threat Detection in the Behavior of IoT Devices is the 9th data science competition in the series. This year, the task is related to cybersecurity – participants will construct scoring models to detect anomalous operating system behavior of IoT devices under attack. The challenge is sponsored by Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG and EFIGO sp. z o.o. companies.

The competition is held at the KnowledgePit online platform managed by QED Software – the company which is specialized in the development and deployment of innovative AI / ML / Big Data products and solutions.

Details: https://fedcsis.org/