Entrepreneurship for the XXI Century

The Centre for Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw has a great pleasure to invite you to participate in an international conference on entrepreneurship that is held in Warsaw (more detailed information about the upcoming edition you can find in the Current edition). First edition of the conference took place in 2014.

During the conference, we discuss different faces and aspects of entrepreneurship, presenting classical and alternative research in this field. The conference creates a great opportunity to meet both Polish and international scholars, as well as representatives of Polish and international business environments. Every time we try to bring to our participants fruitful and inspirational discussions, that will flourish in future collaborations in the fields of research and education.

The topics of interest for presentations and papers include various  aspects of entrepreneurship, connected with entrepreneurial processes, and also legal, economic, financial, international, and cultural context of entrepreneurial activity (for the list of possible topics see Current edition).

The conference is held in English, so that all groups of participants have an opportunity to fully benefit from given speeches.