Global MBA – 4 universities, 2 diplomas!
Choose Global MBA studies at the best University Business School in Poland!

The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw was established in 1972, making it the oldest business school in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also the largest faculty at UW, the largest university and the best research center in the country. Every year, the Faculty of Management is recognized in rankings. In the 2021 “Perspektywy” ranking (in the group of economic fields, in the “Management” category), studies conducted by the Faculty of Management at UW were recognized as the best in Poland.

The Faculty of Management at UW has received 5 out of 5 “palmes of excellence,” awarded to the best universities and business faculties worldwide. It has also been repeatedly recognized as a leader in international Eduniversal rankings – including as the best business school in Poland and the 3rd best business school in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw:

  • holds prestigious accreditations from EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, providing international recognition of the standard of education and business cooperation;
  • teaches practical and market-oriented solutions;
  • fosters an active community through efficient Career and Alumni Office, the Association of Alumni of the Faculty of Management at UW, as well as the Synergia WZ UW portal;
  • enables international internships – students at the Faculty of Management at UW have the opportunity to participate in internships abroad during their studies or after graduation (up to 12 months from the date of thesis defense). Internships can be carried out in 27 EU member states as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Norway, North Macedonia, and Turkey. As part of the international internship, the student/graduate receives a scholarship from the Erasmus+ program.
  • offers exchange programs – facilitates a straightforward recruitment process for its students for exchange programs under the Erasmus+ program to 18 countries in Europe and to 7 countries under bilateral agreements such as Korea, USA, Chile, or Malaysia. By participating in these programs (thanks to 78 agreements concluded by the Faculty of Management), students complete part of their studies abroad, thus obtaining credits for a semester or even an entire academic year.

Why pursue master’s studies in English at the Faculty of Management at UW?

Our Faculty offers exceptional studies in English:

  • Studia Global MBA  (master’s studies 1.5-year program; recruitment starts on May 13) is a unique program that offers students the opportunity to combine intensive studies with a specially designed set of classes and stays at universities in 4 countries: Germany, Poland, South Korea, and the United States. Upon successful completion of all program requirements and defending the master’s thesis, each student receives 2 master’s degrees: Master of Business Administration from the University of Florida and European Masters from European universities (a combined diploma from the University of Warsaw and Technische Hochschule Köln).
  • Business and Management – (Bachelor studies) the first degree programme in Business and Management aims to produce a graduate who is familiar with research methodology and terminology in management and in complementary disciplines such as economics, finance and legal sciences. The graduate possesses advanced knowledge in management and related disciplines, knows the basic principles of the creation and development of various forms of entrepreneurship and is prepared to act in an entrepreneurial manner. He/she has the skills and competences to recognise, diagnose and solve problems related to the functioning of an organisation and to determine the impact of the environment: technological, social, political, legal, economic and ecological, on the functioning of an organisation and the economy as a whole. The studies are designed to produce graduates with the skills to prepare independent and collaborative studies on the functioning of organisations, the sector and the economy as a whole, and to present them communicatively in English. The study prepares you to learn and update your knowledge independently and to adhere to professional ethical standards.
  • International Business Progam (master’s studies 2-year program; recruitment starts on June 6) aims to educate graduates with advanced knowledge in management, particularly in its international aspect, as well as related disciplines such as economics, finance, and legal studies.
  • Master in Food Systems.

Choose Global MBA studies at the best University Business School in Poland!